indie pop

WE-ARE-Z are thrilling new purveyors of quirkily rhythmic indie-pop with an askew lyrical slant. They sing songs about plastic surgery and human self-destruction.


They are a self-contained unit who write and perform their own material, and produce it in their studio in south-west London. They intend to play bigger and bigger shows and release an album by late 2015. It is provisionally titled "Z Is Not X".


The band are unique. Meet the theatrical Gabriel Cazes on vocals, guitar, keyboards and drums, the versatile Archie on bass and keyboards and part-time magician Clement Leguidcoq on keyboards, percussion and backing vocals, Drew Wynen on guitars and Guillaume Charreau on Drums.


They formed in early 2014, after a variety of experiences ranging from playing bass for Beyoncé, playing gigs in the desert and squabbling with Russian mafiosi. Their chemistry was instant, and they began writing songs, a process involving “many bottles of very, very fine wine, locking the studio doors, and jamming”.


The band has been playing numerous shows in London, Switzerland and France and has released two singles with according videos over the past year. They will be playing at the „isle of wight festival reunion gig“ at the koko in london in september, followed by a tour through Switzerland and southern Germany.




SHOWS 2015