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Simeon Soul Charger is an American Psychedelic Rock band. Their music has been described as a pastiche of 70's psychedelic, folk, blues, progressive, and stoner rock. The quartet formed in 2008 where they began touring the United States amidst releasing 2 EPs "Simeon Soul Charger" (2009) and "All Rather Dead" (2010).


Live shows deemed legendary quickly achieved them cult status with a musical work confidently compared to that of the really big names. In February 2011, they released their debut full-length album "Meet Me in the Afterlife" which

amazed both enthusiastic fans and music magazines. By March of the same

year the band moved to a Bavarian farmhouse where they set up a European homebase and have since made several hundred concert appearances across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Italy.


In 2012, the band recorded their latest oeuvre "Harmony Square", a cinematic rock opera, already considered as a masterstroke not only in the independent scene. The band recently returned to the U.S. for a 5 week tour and is currently touring Europe and recording a new album.

on tour:

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Classic Rock (02/2015)-Paul Schmitz

"Ich höre große Namen"
"Mal verstörend, mal witzig, mal sphärisch stösst das Unterbewusstsein auf Namen wie The Doors, Frank Zappa, die Rolling Stones und Pink Floyd."


Break Out (02/2015)-Michael Hirle

"Versteh mich nicht falsch, aber das klingt nach der besten Band der Welt. Und? Hast ein Problem damit? - Einpacken. Schnell!"


Rocks (01/2015)-Thomas Zimmer

"Ungehemmt ausgelebter Spieltrieb"

"Authentizität ist das Schlüsselwort für diese Musik...."

"Die Musik fließt einfach. Manchmal sogar magisch."